Thursday, 24 November 2016


What a hectic world of a child are we living in!!!

 What a sad and a harsh news to hear every day about Streets children?!..
Sorry to interrupt your eardrums and catching up your attention. A story is told of an Africhild who was living in the streets together with his brother after their parents had died of Aids stigma, this child was at a tender age when this happened, in the funeral void Pledges were made even by Rich men with big belly who always like showing up how they are concern about others affairs in the society, of which it's not an African traditional but it's a foreign  habit extremely being exercised and l don't know from where. Days weeks and even months passed there was no signs of help to an Africhild, no any associated or even close relatives availed themselves to lend hands to a child at least to have a proper basic foundation in Education. Africhild  decided to go to the streets bagging for something to eat and never to come back at home, the Streets became his own bed room and even a home, he slept in the cold nights, be it rains or hash sunny day that damaged his skin  and health, sometime he could get sick. Oh poor Africhild!, no medicine, no good food, cloth, shelter, friend and to an extent no Education. The rich one uses the child for their own satisfaction without considering that this child needs education. Africhild's life looked vanity without a help. Him together with his younger brother blink, move, cry and even sometimes being harassed by big boys in the streets, they face a terrible life challenges during the day and night,enduring mockery and humiliation. some people are a head of africhild and eating, laughing at and about how they know and how they are enjoying life because of it. To add an insult to this,   the children have become endanger species for sex commercial interests and illegal trade like drugs trafficking that has lead to the lost of many life at an early age. one day a friend who had a heart of a child come and took the child and provided support by taking the africhild  to a good home where he found happy at ease, gave him/her clothes, food and Education. Today this child can now support his brother and  many other children in Africa.What an amazing principal of discipleship!. We can make many disciples by reaching this children through providing and equipping them with education as a tool in hand to reduce them in the streets and  in the villages.
 Worldwide, we have big Universities with big names and well  facilitated along side with  lectures who have PhD, doctorate and masters degree from Makerere, Nairobi and many other famous Universities in Africa.
According to the survey carried out by Africhildfriends group is that, a large group of children in the street and in the village haven't  accessed to ducation  because nobody have reached out to them. Big minds with great potential have been neglected and could be used to build the nation. Children are still being abused at a very high rate, they have been made warlords by some of the politicians who are hungry for power in order to gain political platforms, forced to child abuse, early marriages, radicalised, turned in to gangsters to ferry drugs and many other illegal aliens who are creating insecurity every where in the world.
 Africa have lost many prominent people who contributed to it's growth and have not yet been replaced why?.
There is no one  to be mentored to carry on with mantle. Little measures has been taken by some of the children foundations that has not shaken  matters relating to the issues of children who have been neglected within the African societies.        
As africhildfriends family we are looking forward to fight for education for this children in order to have sustainable, developed and reliable Africa as a society. We found ourselves forced by circumstances and conviction to think about this children and listen to them carefully. Many of them have been considered as an out cursed within the family members. We as Africhildfriends we want our life affect the life of an africhild in a positive manner. We are operating with a heart of stewardship and you as a friends to this child are our boss. We want to reach as many children in the street and in the village who are in need of support to go to school. for as africhildfriends it's not a job but a work with a mission to be accomplished. our work is to see that this children are coming out of the streets, poverty and loneliness lifestyle to a better life, accommodation and friendly environment. The plight of African street children is a weigh issue that shouldn't be treated lightly. As friends to them we need to put a lot of effort financially to curb this issue. We aspire to make a better world for the children and letting them acknowledging that they are important, part and Purcell of africhildfriends family.

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