Friday, 11 November 2016

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African child needs our help as friends, We’re encouraging Nations to get back their focus on African child. when conflict is handled well we grow closer to each other. A number of factors have already affected a child in a negative way to start and even to complete dreams in life e.g. alternative lifestyle, high divorce rate, delay marriages,high rates of mobility and children have few roots and are no longer have extended family that provides a safety net.
. As we speak today a large number of children has been forgotten by the society as a result they are experiencing epidemic loneliness in the African community. Out of ten children seven of them feels loneliness. in fact children are the most loneliest group in the world. Everywhere you look there are signs that shows children are hungering for help, community and sense of family. longing for support provide a child with a timely opportunity and positioning a child as a family member. On April 28/2013 the standard news paper on Sunday there was an article(street children is our responsibility). There was a testimony of a boy by the name Nelson Etabo, by that time he was in class five he used to live in the street of Nairobi before he was rescued “I am lucky because I eat well and go to school. Many other children are not lucky and are still in the street suffering. Government and United Nation should help them” says Etabo. this is a show of admission that there are still many children in the street are not recognized. In the street there is no good food, clothes, shelter and school. As Africhildfriends
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We are looking forward to reach this children and provide needs, train them up in the way the should go and when they get old they will not depart from it. Being a friend to an African child is to be a friend with God. He’s our loving leader. ''True friendship is not passive is an act. what motivate friendship is love and because of that great love of God in us, we’re here to help the child by sharing interest that we get to them."                                    
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