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What a hectic world of a child are we living in!!!

What a sad and a harsh news to hear every day about Streets children, sorry to interrupt your eardrums and catching up your attention. A story is told of an Africhild who was living in the streets together with his brother after their parents had died of Aids stigma,this child was at a tender age when this happened,in the funeral, void Pledges were made even by Rich men with big belly who always like showing up how they concern about others affairs in the society, of which is not an African traditional but it's a foreign  habit extremely being exercised l don't know from where, days weeks and even months passed there was no signs of help to an Africhild, no any associated or even close relatives availed themselves to lend hands to a child at least to have a proper basic foundation in Education. Africhild  decided to go to the streets bagging for something to eat never to come back at home, the Streets became his own bred room …